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    Move it with ease. Portable lifting solutions for applications requiring moving heavy loads to other areas on the plant floor.


Portability takes on many forms for industrial lifts and tilters that must be used in multiple locations to position work and/or workers

Autoquip excels in providing standard and specialized scissors lift and industrial tilter solutions for applications requiring portable lifts. Custom design solutions include wheels, casters, tires, and air bearings, with equipment being easily moved or relocated along fixed tracks; or pushed and steered by fork trucks.

Whether propelled manually or by an electric motor and gear drive, driven indoors or outdoors, Autoquip has the design experience and an extensive design data base to help you develop an effective, reliable, and safe portability solution that will meet the demands of your particular application.


  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for portable or mobile applications include:

    High Travel Work Platform Lifts Scissors lifts mounted to Demag powered traversing base to provide assembly personnel variable vertical and lateral access to all surfaces of an aircraft wing.

    Lightweight Personnel Work Platforms Scissors lifts with swivel casters and aluminum decks with guardrails reduce overall weight for ease of manual positioning.

    Wing Mating Lifts and Tooling Special high-capacity scissors tables mounted to air bearing transport bases, including adjustable flow "creep speed" power units.

    POD Positioning Lifts Portable manual or mechanical hydraulic scissors table adjust the lift deck position in four different axes to raise and attach "PODs" to the underside of aircraft wings.

    Scrap/Drop Tilters DC-powered, portable hydraulic tilters used to accumulate scrap in bins or baskets. Intended to minimize reaching and bending as the container is loaded.

    Roll Transfer Car Fixed-height car with V-deck top and Demag powered traversing base transports rolls on a fixed track from one work cell to another.

    Portable Lifts for Heat Treat Oven Special scissors table with manual, mechanical actuation raise metal parts of varying sizes to exact heights before pushing the lift and pats into a heat treat oven for an extended period of time.

    Portable Machine Feed Scissors Table Double Long scissors table with casters on the base and gravity conveyor on top enables one operator to align, pull and feed long pieces of stock into a saw. This lift can also be pushed by a fork truck for use at multiple saws.

    Portble Docks Lift Special portable hydraulic scissors lifts with special portability wheel sets can be pulled to one or more trucks, then used to raise a fork truck to truck level for loading and unloading.

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