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  • Docks

    Pit or Surface Mounted Dock Lifts to Load & Off-Load Products Safely and Easily.


Rugged and reliable dock scissors lifts designed to withstand the punishment of heavy wheeled loads and outdoor duty

Whether you're talking pickup trucks, fork trucks, tractor-trailers, or armored tanks, Autoquip can design standard and specialized dock scissors lift and platform lift solutions for loading and unloading variable height truck beds at the dock, raising and lowering loaded vehicles from one elevation to another, and spanning distances across railroad tracks to accommodate loaded vehicles.
Autoquip can apply over 50 years of design experience and an extensive design database to develop an effective, reliable, and safe dock lift solution that will meet the demands of your particular outdoor application - be it parking lot, alley, tarmac, or loading dock.

  • Typical lifting and handling solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured for dock lift applications include:

    Truck Levelers Surface and pit-mounted hydraulic tilting platforms, accommodating various sizes of truck, raise the bed of each truck to dock height.

    Loading Dock Lifts Fixed loading dock scissors lifts, using single or three-phase power, to transfer loads between dock area and trucks of varying height.

    Tank Loading Platform Surface and pit mounted hydraulic tilting platforms, accommodating various sizes of truck, raise the bed of each truck to dock height.

    Air Cargo Container Lifts High-capacity scissor lifts with heavy duty conveyor used at the dock to transfer air cargo containers between truck and dock.

    Semi-Trailer Lifts for Stadium Deliveries Large vertical ram lifts move semi-trailers from grade level to the loading dock at some distance below grade level.

    Portable Dock Lift Special portable hydraulic scissors lifts with special portability wheel sets can be pulled to one or more trucks, then used to raise a fork truck to truck level for loading and unloading.

    Hydraulic Draw Bridges High-capacity tilting platforms are lowered to temporarily span rail spurs or other traffic ways and gain access to opposing docks or trucks, and are tilted 90 degrees to store the bridge in the vertical position.

    Hydraulic Ramp for Parking Vehicles Pit-mounted hydraulic ramps are flush with grade level when lowered to allow cross-traffic, then raised to allow vehicles to drive from grade to a raised parking garage level.

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