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    User-friendly. Ergonomic lifting solutions designed to optimize productivity.


Ergonomic Lift Tables, Tilters and Turntables are Cost-Efficient Solutions to Improving Worker Productivity and Reducing Worker Injuries

Autoquip has led the material handling industry for over 50 years by employing ergonomic lifting equipment solutions to bridge the gap between work demands and personnel capabilities which has directly benefited Autoquip customers by reducing or preventing worker fatigue and injury, improving worker productivity and quality, and lowering worker's compensation claims and insurance costs.

Because worker capabilities vary due to age, physical condition, strength, stature, etc., Autoquip designs and manufactures a wide range of ergonomic material handling lift tables, tilters, and turntable products that can facilitate each workers' unique ergonomic "power zone" (above the knees, below the shoulders, and within 18" of the torso).  

All of our standard and custom ergonomic lifting equipment is 100% designed and manufactured in America - not merely marketed or "assembled" in the USA like so many of our competitors.


  • Typical ergonomic solutions that Autoquip has designed and manufactured to improve lifting and positioning applications include:

    Work Platform Lifts Fixed and portable scissors lifts, with and without adjustable shuttle decks, provide assembly personnel better access to tall parts.

    Bin and Basket Positioning Tilters Stationary or portable industrial lifting tilters are used in a work station to tilt wire, wood, and metal bins or parts baskets toward the operator to minimize reaching and bending.

    Freezer Lifts Portable and fixed scissors lifts are used to build up and break down pallets of frozen packages, placing each layer of product at ergonomic safety heights.

    Ingredient Tilters Stand-alone 45-degree industrial lifting tilters tilt baskets, boxes, and other containers to ergonomic work heights, minimizing bending and reaching by employees as they scoop out ingredients.

    Saw-feed Lifts Foot-operated lifts installed just upstream of powered saws manually adjust the elevation of the top layer of lumber for ease of pulling and aligning the pieces into the saw.

    Assembly Lifts Pneumatic and hydraulic lifts used to keep assembly work ergonomically positioned in a stationary or conveyed production line, minimizing bending and reaching.

    Pallet Build-Up and Break-Down Stations Scissors lifts, with or without turntable, are placed at the end of a saw process to ergonomically position layers of lumber as they are being stacked or removed from the pallet.

    Welding Fixture Industrial Lifting A powered turntable deck provides three degrees of motion - lift, tilt, and turn - for infinite positioning of various welded assemblies.

    Small Animal Clinical Tables Low-capacity, low-travel scissors table raises large canines to evaluation level, reducing bending and lifting.

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