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    Zoo Bascule Bridge:  Lift Equipment to Transform the Entertainment & Tourism Industry.


Lift Systems for Performers, Stages, Orchestra Pits, Audience Seating, Scenery and Lighting in the Entertainment Industry

Autoquip Corporation has been providing unique and innovative equipment designs for the Entertainment industry for many years.  We have manufactured stage lifts ranging from several square feet to multiple acres in size, accommodating one performer, or an entire dance troupe.  Stage lifts can be temporary, for easy portability when touring, or permanent for a performing arts center or gymnasium.  Scenery lifts transfer equipment or instruments from a storage level to the performance level.  Audience and orchestra pit lifts are designed to be adjustable over a pre-determined range, and are expected to hold position for extended periods of time.

Autoquip understands the unique requirements and expectations of customers within the entertainment industry. Special features customized for this industry include completely black finish, ultra-quiet power units, plywood deck, personnel safety guarding, and other emergency and safety features. No matter what venue or application, Autoquip is uniquely qualified to provide you with an innovative, affordable, and safe equipment solution to solve your specific entertainment need. 

  • Typical custom equipment solutions for the Entertainment Industry include:

    Permanent Stage Lifts and Orchestra Pit Lifts A lift system consisting of hydraulic scissors lifts or vertical ram share a common electrical control and hydraulic power system to raise and lower one or more sections of stage to predetermined heights.

    Temporary Stage Lifts One or more scissors lifts installed in one or more removable sections to raise and lower a common stage platform.

    Amusement Ride Access Bridge Hydraulic powered hinged bridge serves as a walkway from a permanent landing to a point inside the ride. The bridge sways in all directions and must rise before the ride begins.

    Light Fixture Lifts High travel scissors lifts with electrical light bar mounted to the top of the deck raises to full height when lighting is required on a stage or performance area. The lift also collapses to a hidden lowered height when not in use.

    Scenery Lifts High-travel scissors lifts, ram lifts, or vertical reciprocating conveyors are used to vertically transfer loads of scenery from storage level to stage level and back.

    Variable Height Seating Lifts A system of hydraulic scissors lifts, which share a common seating surface and are equipped with mechanical locking devices, achieve variable seating heights for extended periods of time.

    Gambling Boat Access Bridge A hydraulic hinged bridge is used to span the distance between the shore and a docked boat at variable heights depending on tides, and can be raised and stored when not in use.

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