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4 Post Industrial Parking Lift for Luxury Automobile Repair Shop

An automobile repair shop for luxury automobiles utilizes an Industrial 4 Post Parking Lift to transfer cars and spare parts between upper and lower level. 

The Challenge

Karosserie is known as one of the best luxury auto repair shops in the Upper Devon and surrounding Philadelphia area.  Because of their high quality workmanship and continuous repair demand, additional storage for cars being worked on and their parts became an absolute necessity.

The customer has available a second level at the repair shop, an ideal space to store cars, but needed a way to transport them to the upper level.  

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip custom designed and manufactured an industrial parking lift rated for a 14,000 pound capacity and travel of 150 inches.  A subterranean pit built to allow the vehicle platform to be lowered flush to shop floor for drive on/drive off capability. Telescoping cylinders accommodate the travel height requirements to lift upper canopy to the second floor.  

Model #                 156VL4T70

Capacity:               14,000 lbs.

Platform:               114x240

Travel:                   150”

Actuation:              Electdraulic

Solution Benefits

Autoquip provided the perfect solution for their problem. By installing our 4 Post Industrial Parking Lift, Karosserie has more space to create an efficient operation for their repair work and storing of spare parts. The customer is very pleased with the quality of the lift and ruggedness of the design “It’s built like a tank - overbuilt to handle a lot. It has helped serve our business greatly", commented John Schnauffer of Karosserie.

Published: 02/05/2015
Customer: Karosserie
Tags: Auto Dealers & Repair Shops

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