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Mechanical 4 Post VRC Transfers Vehicles to Upper Level Showroom

Autoquip's custom Mechanical 4 Post VRC provides a safe and reliable solution for a California car dealership to transfer their inventory to an upper level showroom for display. 

The Challenge

A car dealership in California has built a two-story showroom with the top level overlooking a busy California freeway.  The dealership wanted a way to transfer cars up to the second level where the cars could be displayed and attract people’s attention as they pass from the highway.  

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip custom designed a 4-post high capacity mechanical vertical conveyor (VRC) to meet the exact demands of the customer’s operational and aesthetic requirements. The length platform, width and vertical rise were all custom-configured to spec.   The structural design of this 4-post VCR provides a safe and reliable solution to transport vehicles, and because the carriage is supported by the 4 posts, it was designed larger to accommodate the varying size of vehicles the dealer will be loading on and off the lift.   

Solution Benefits

Our dealer partner, McKinley Equipment successfully installed the custom 4-post lift to raise the cars 16' to the second level display window.  They installed the complete lift system and all the safety features which included safety enclosures from garage level to top level; handrails and a chained gate.  Push button controls at both levels include a door and key lock, plus an emergency stop button.  The customer is in a great position to safely transfer the vehicles to the upper level showroom and position for display.     

Published: 01/13/2014
Customer: Mckinley Equipment
Tags: Custom Freight Lift (VRC) , Auto Dealers & Repair Shops , Retail , Mechanical 4 Post VRC

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