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A Mega Tilter. A.K.A Mega 90 Degree Upender

Autoquip’s 90 Degree Tilter was designed bigger to handle large spools

The Challenge

A leading metal tubing manufacturer of coiled tubing puts Autoquip to the test with the request for a tilter to be used to reposition massive spools of coil. The tilter had to handle spool loads up to 150,000 pounds and 22’ in diameter. The tilter will be used to lift and reposition the spools to a horizontal position in order for a fork truck to spear it and transport it off for shipping and out to the field. 

The Autoquip Solution

This mega Flip-Flop was designed by taking a standard engineering design and amplifying it to meet the demands of the massive load and movement.  Increased horsepower was added and hydraulics containing 6 cylinders each 8” in diameter.  A V-deck was welded to the platform for the purpose of safely securing the large spools during transfer. 

Solution Benefits

The 90 Degree Upender is the perfect solution for safely lifting the odd shape structure of a spool, and by adding the custom V-deck ensured a spool is placed in a secure hold while being lifted and repositioned. Our experienced sales and design experts worked with the customer to really understand the complex details of their application and out of that a custom-built solution was engineered.

Published: 11/15/2012
Customer: Miner Houston
Tags: Specialized Custom Equipment , Metal Working , Coil Handling , 90 Degree Upender , Lift & Tilt Tables, Tilters & Upenders , Heavy Equipment Lifts , Precision Positioning

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