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Above Grade Dual – Ram Work Platform Lift for Aircraft Testing

Aerospace company uses high travel DRAPE to serve aircraft testing needs.  

The Challenge

The application was to have a lift elevate maintenance tools and also serve as a work surface. The lift would be raised to approximately 5 stories to an elevated test stand located adjacent the lift. The work platform was to be relatively large at 15'x30'. Site restrictions dictated that neither a below-grade pit or overhead lifting system could be used. Additionally, the solution needed to be fully assembled with minimal construction onsite.

The Autoquip Solution

By working closely with the client, Autoquip was able to better understand the application and offer an appropriate solution. During this process, it became evident that the custom solution would come from the Autoquip DRAPE lift family. A DRAPE lift consists of a set of two large-bore hydraulic rams that are mechanically synchronized. They offer relatively high travels with minimal platform deflection. In most applications the barrels of the rams are pit-mounted below grade level. However in this case, they would be mounted above grade with a structural support system surrounding the rams. A multi-story stairway was designed and assembled onsite adjacent to the lift. This allowed access to the platform in lowered position at 26' above grade. From there the lift would travel an additional 22' to reach a maximum platform elevation of 48'. The 450-square foot platform (15' x 30') was built as an open framed decking system with a grating surface top. In addition to the standard safety features, the work platform including cable tie-off points and cable a fiberglass handrail and gate system. For ease of shipping and installation, both the platform and the multi-storied stairway were constructed in bolt-together sections that would be assembled onsite. Lift Specifications: Model: DRAPE1530-2 Capacity: 2,000 lbs Travel: 22 Ft Platform: 180" x 360" Actuation: Hydraulic Ram Size: (2) 12" Diameter

Solution Benefits

This out-of-the box adaptation of an Autoquip DRAPE proved to be a successful project. Construction and shipping costs were minimized and the client now enjoys a safe and efficient work platform to assist in their testing process.  Autoquip's dual ram lift was coincidently featured on site for a 60 Minute segment on the aerospace industry.  

Published: 08/30/2012
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