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Aerospace Manufacturing Challenges Solved by Customized Scissors Lift

Manufacturing challenges solved by Autoquip’s customized Triple Long Scissor Lift - provides a high accuracy lifting solution.

The Challenge

Our customer MAG IAS, a leading tool and systems company that provides manufacturing solutions to Boeing contacted Autoquip with a project that required providing a lift to Boeing that would allow workers to reach the tail section of an air craft. The lift specifications called for the lift to reach the tail section which was positioned 60” above the floor and 30” away from the work station. The lift also needed to be 25ft. long and no hydraulics could be used to power the system as they are not allowed in the assembly plant.

The Autoquip Solution

A custom designed scissor lift the Triple Long Torklift was designed and built to meet the specific needs for Boeing. The T1 is equipped with a touchscreen interface, mechanical shuttle decks with 30” travel, dual rigid chain drives with automated synchronization for stable lifting and ultrasonic sensors on lead edge for part detection.  Model # T1-60-040SCL

Solution Benefits

The customized T1 was built to specification to satisfy the every requirement Boeing needed. The customer will be able to use the lift for better access to visually inspect their parts with a higher accuracy and make any necessary repairs in less time.

Published: 10/03/2012
Customer: MAG IAS
Tags: Custom Lifts , Mechanical Lifts , Aerospace , Assembly , Work Platforms , Custom Work Platform Lifts , TorkLift

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