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Aircraft Weighing System with Wireless HMI Controls

Wireless controls operate load cell lift system from any location.

The Challenge

A leading aircraft manufacturer was looking for a load cell lift system to weigh their aircrafts. They wanted to be able to compute the weight measurements through a secure wireless transmissions to a mobile device from anywhere in the hanger. 

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip partnered with Nicol Scales & Measurement to design a lift weighing system. The system is pit mounted and includes 6 heavy-duty scissor lifts integrated with load cell kits. The aircraft is fitted onto the system, raised and weighed in its normal flight simulation.

Autoquip’s Controls Engineers set up the wireless tablet device with an application that would interface with the lift systems main control panel. Using touch screen capability, the operators can acquire weights from the load cell lift system from any location in the hanger.

Solution Benefits

  • Robust, durable lift system design - for maximum uptime and superior reliability.
  • Assists with the safe and even weight distribution of the airplane.
  • Load cell accuracy.
  • Wireless HMI Controls provide flexibility and control.

Published: 01/08/2016
Customer: Nicole Scales
Tags: Super Titan , Precision Positioning , Aerospace , High Capacity Lifts

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