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Antennae Tower Service Lift

High-travel, mechanically-actuated work platform installed inside a mobile gantry system for employees to access and service a large antennae support tower.

The Challenge

An equipment integrator specializing in large gantry systems was searching for an elevating work platform system to mount inside a unique mobile gantry and surround a stationary antennae tower for servicing. This elevating work platform had several unique and challenging requirements that were presented to Autoquip’s technical team of estimators and designers: 1. Working platform surface needed to be 15-feet-wide x 15-feet-long in a “U” shape to surround the tower on 3 sides during servicing 2. The two wings of the “U” shaped platform needed to be equipped with powered, telescoping platform extensions to provide temporary, additional personnel access to the tower during servicing 3. Elevating work platform needed to provide a stable walking and working surface, and be able to hold fixed elevations for extended periods of time without drifting down 4. Primary drive system must be located entirely beneath the work platform, no clearance overhead for drive components

The Autoquip Solution

An Autoquip technical sales team reviewed the design specifications and gantry drawings supplied by the system integrator and recommended a mechanically-actuated work platform design based in part on our 4-Post vertical reciprocating lift – but replacing the overhead gear motor drive with an under-mounted drive which raised and lowered two (2) synchronized high capacity mechanical stacking chain actuators. Lateral stability was provided by four (4) guide beams and interconnected diagonal bracing that mounted within the mobile gantry system. The mechanical actuation of the lifting chains provided a stable, programmable, and non-drifting walking/working surface. The two (2) powered shuttle decks were stored within the 15-foot x 15-foot U-shaped platform, were actuated by double-acting cylinders, and were controlled/operated from the main work platform. OSHA-compliant guardrails were supplied around the perimeter of the work platform area. Safety interlocks and redundant free-fall protection was also provided per the customer’s specifications. This customer was able to receive a completely unique, customized elevating work platform with special functionality and safety features. Accessibility to the antennae tower has been maximized, time required to service the tower has been greatly reduced, and worker productivity and safety increased. Design Specifications: • Platform Size: 180" x 240" U-Shaped with Powered Deck Extensions (72" extension) • Lowered Height: 28" • Vertical Travel: 287" • Rated Capacity: 2500 lbs. • Under-mounted Drive: 15HP/ 460VAC /3phase • Travel Speed: 25 FPM • Work Platform Actuation: Two(2) Mechanical Stacking Chains • Telescoping Extension Actuation: Two (2) Double-acting hydraulic cylinders

Solution Benefits

Through the use of this customized scissor lift, the work station area has been cost-efficiently updated to include a vital worker productivity improvement with minimal overhead space consumed and zero impact to the floor space required to perform the assembly process.

Published: 08/30/2012
Tags: Work Platforms , Mechanical 4 Post VRC

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