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Bascule Bridge and Scissor Lift Combination for Inaccessible Dock Location

Flexible dock lift solution for challenging dock environment.

The Challenge

Nordstrom’s at Northgate Mall in Seattle had an inaccessable loading dock area.  Their dock was located underground through a tunnel which provides access for deliveries. There are no places for trucks to back up to the dock which is only about 30” high. Trucks at 50” have no way of getting product to ground and back up to the dock.

The Autoquip Solution

A typical pit mounted dock scissor lift was not an option because it would have been located in a traffic area. The combination bascule bridge and dock scissor lift provides a solution by lowering the bridge behind a truck, then raising and lowering the scissor platform between truck and dock height to move product on and off trucks at a 90 degree load pattern. When complete, the lift is fully lowered and then the bridge is retracted to the vertical storage position and safety wings automatically lock.

Features include:

  • Locking wings to hold the bridge/lift in the raised position when not in use.
  • Permanent handrails on non-loading end and side.
  • Hinged bridge to access the truck with a self-retracting spring to automatically pop up the bridge when the lift lowers.
  • Ultra sonic truck position sensor with green/yellow/red light and audible signal to let driver know when the truck is in the correct position.

Solution Benefits

Through our innovative design approach, we are able to provide a flexible dock lift solution for better accessibility to a challenging dock environment.

See the video here:

Sold and installed by Northwest Handling Systems in Renton, WA.

Published: 08/29/2017
Customer: Northwest Handling Systems
Tags: Bascule Bridge - Single Leaf , PLTC Dock Lift , Dock Lifts , Bascule Bridges , Retail , Docks

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