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Bomb Handling Lift

Specifically designed lift to handle the transfer of bombs - explosion proof with several protection components.

The Challenge

An ammunition plant that produces ammunition for the military needed an explosion proof lift to safely transfer bombs. 

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip designed an explosion proof, air-powered, manually operated lift which enables the safe and efficient handling of bombs.  The lift is designed with adjustable cradles to hold 2 bombs at a time at different size lengths and includes locks to hold the bombs in place.  Design specifications for the bomb lift required specialized liners for the cradles for enhanced safety features. These conductive liners ensure that no static electricity is discharged to prevent sparks from igniting. Other features include: conductive lined casters for safe, spark-free portability, foot activated floor locks for stability, and accordion skirting for added protection. 

Solution Benefits

Autoquip specifically designed the lift to prevent explosions with several protection components.  This will enable loaders to securely place bombs on the lift’s cradles and make adjustments safely during their operations

Published: 01/26/2016
Tags: Hazardous Environment , Air & Pneumatic Lifts , Defense/ Military/ Government , Portable , TorkLift

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