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Bascule Bridge - Bridging the Gap

Autoquip's Single Leaf Bascule Bridge helps bridge the gap in a truck trailer securement manufacturing plant.

The Challenge

Powerbrace Corporation, a leading manufacturer of trailer lockrods and hinges needed a solution to transport materials back and forth between two buildings and over a drive area.

The Autoquip Solution

A custom Single Leaf Bascule Bridge with capacity for 20,000 lbs was designed to the requirements of the space width over the driveway in the plant to allow for workers and forklifts with materials to cross to the other building. A 90 degree raised height lift of the bridge allows truck shipments to back in and out for unloading. The bridge was custom ordered and built to meet the customer specifcation of 6' wide and 216" long.

Solution Benefits

Powerbrace Corporation is completely satisfied with the lift and the solution it provided to their business operations. The bridge provides a more efficient process for workers to get to the other building, whereas before they had to go outside and around a parking lot to continue their production activities. The bridge is being used every day, multiple times a day and is performing to high standards during the cycle throughput.

Published: 08/30/2012
Customer: Powerbrace Corporation
Tags: Heavy Equipment Lifts , Automotive/ Trucking/ Rail , Warehouse/Storage , Bascule Bridge - Single Leaf , Bascule Bridges , Pallet Handling

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