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Tight Space for Coil Inspection Solved by Special Series 35 Double Long Scissors Lift

Problem solved for coil inspection in a tight space work environment by installing Autoquip's Special Series 35 Double Long in a recessed pit. 

The Challenge

The customer Carpenter Technology Corporation manufacturer of high-quality rod, wire and coils in a wide range of alloys, sizes and coatings contacted us to help improve the process of inspecting coils.  The situation in the existing plant was not ideal because of space limitations and the coil inspections had to take place on the plant floor.  

Challenges to solve for included:

  1. Improve work area and deal with confine space
  2. Fit the specifications of the customer's material size & weight
  3. Improve safety for the personnel

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip’s technical sales staff and engineers along with input from the customer determined the best solution was to install a recessed-vertical pit and use a Series 35 Double Long Scissor Lift as a work platform for the coil inspection. This vertical layout would fit into the limited space in the existing area within the plant.   

Challenges Solved:

  1. Space Limitations solved by installing a pit for the lift to be lowered and leveled to the floor keeping the options to still have useable workspace when the lift is not being used.
  2. Fit Material Specifications solved by modifying the Series 35 Double Long to meet the customer’s specific application. Because of the weight and size of the fixtures that hold the coils, the lift design was modified to relocate the clevises from the standard position to the outside edges of the platform which gave the necessary end load support required.   
  3. Improve Safety solved by fitting the lift with beveled toe guards and an accordion skirt to prevent injuries as the lift is lowered into the pit.  In addition, since the lift can be position at ground level the process of loading the fixtures on to the lift is easier on the workers and raising the lift to eye level for inspecting the coils improves quality and ergonomic positioning.

Specifications & Features:

  • Product Family: Series 35 Double Long Scissors Lift
  • Capacity: 6,400 LBS
  • Platform dimensions:  32”Wx150”L
  • Travel:  48”
  • Beveled Toe Guards
  • Accordion Skirt

Solution Benefits

Customer satisfaction achieved!

  “Thank you Autoquip for a great experience in working through all the details of custom specification to suit all of our needs, functionality and safety requirements.  I appreciate the patience with what seemed like an endless barrage of questions.  Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions.”

Comments from Doug Bender of Carpenter Technologies. 

Published: 03/28/2013
Customer: Carpenter Technologies
Tags: Series 35 Double Long , Metal Working , Coil Handling , Ergonomics

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