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Conveying Work Platform Lift for Sheet Cutting Process

Autoquip provides new and improved lift equipment design to replace old lift equipment for paper cutting application. 

The Challenge

Cascades Sonoco, developer of high-quality coatings and laminations for paper and packing products needed a replacement for an old lift from another supplier that was failing due to poor design and miss-application.

In this application, the customer will integrate the lift equipment with their cutting machine. The workers will bring empty pallets up from left side of the lift onto the conveying platform and then the cutting machine will cut and accumulate circular sheets of paper onto the pallets. As the sheets of paper accumulate on the pallets, the lift is lowered until the stacks are complete. Once stacks are complete, the lift lowers and the full pallets are conveyed off the right side.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip greatly improved the application process by integrating a custom conveying work platform lift around the needs of this application. Our custom built double wide scissor lift system is oriented to handle the load conveying across the end of a double wide platform rather than along the side of a longer single scissor lift.  In addition, we custom built shelving which is bolted onto the length side of the platform to provide an area for the workers to review drawings and inspect paper shapes. 


  • Capacity:  15,000 lbs. max lifting
  • Platform:  116” Width X 144” Length
  • Travel:  60”
  • Speed:  28 Seconds Up/28 Seconds Down (loaded)
  • Power Unit:  Dual 5 HP Remote
  • Model: 1-60-100DW

Solution Benefits

The result is an improved design giving increased productivity and capacity to stack more pallets on the work platform before lowering the lift and conveying the finished load off.  

Published: 07/28/2015
Customer: Dealer: Arbon Equipment - Duluth GA.
Tags: American Lifts. , Work Platform Lifts , Work Platforms , TorkLift , Printing & Paper , Pallet Handling , Sheet Handling , Conveyor

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