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Manually Operated Scissor Lift for Precise Placement of Jet Fuel Pod

Autoquip's Tork Lift is custom designed to include manual feature options for the aerospace industry to allow for precise positioning and control. 

The Challenge

Our aerospace customer needed a solution to accurately lift, raise, tilt and locate a jet fuel pod up to the wing and precisely attached it. In addition to using VDC power to operate the lift, the lift also needed to include manual operation back up.

The Autoquip Solution

A custom Tork Lift was designed and built to include multiple features and each feature performs a specific function to achieve precise placement of the jet fuel pod. The lift was first equipped with four outriggers to stabilize the lift, lock in place, and safely lift the fuel pod up to the wing.  Once the fuel pod is raised up to the wing, the manual spoke hand wheel is used for lifting the platform closer to the wing, and the turn buckle manually tilts the pod to the angle of the wing.  The lift is also equipped with a manual hand pump to allow for manual operation in case of a power disconnect.  Another feature added is the tow bar connected to the transport base in order to make the lift portable for relocating to other aircrafts.

Model # T1-60-088

Capacity: 8,800 lbs.

Travel:  60"

Solution Benefits

We knew the importance to our customer to be able to control the lift with precise positioning.  We worked with our team of engineers to develop and equip the lift with specialized features that each serve a specific purpose for controlling the lift and achieving the accurate positioning required of the task.

Published: 11/01/2012
Tags: Custom Scissor Lift Tables , Aerospace , TorkLift , Precision Positioning

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