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Dual Hinge Tilter for Stacking and Loading Infiltration System Chambers

Custom tilting solution that can lay flat one wing or both, and tilts left or right, or both sides simultaneously.

The Challenge

Infiltrator, a manufacturer of onsite wastewater system products needed a better solution for stacking and loading their infiltration chambers into shipping containers.  The chambers had to be flipped upright in order to stack in the containers, and the company had been using an overhead crane to flip the stack which was causing damage to the chambers.

There became a critical need to protect the chambers by improving the stacking and loading process.  

Application Requirements:

  • Protect the chambers
  • Rotating capabilities to tilt chambers to fit within the shipping containers
  • Drive on capabilities to remove chambers with a fork lift 


The Autoquip Solution

The engineering team at Autoquip came up with the Dual Hinge Tilter designed with features that fit each requirement for an improved loading and stacking process for the infiltration chambers. The Dual Hinge Tilter was designed with the capability to lay flat one wing or both.  Tilts loads 90 degrees left or right, or both simultaneously.  We custom-built a fixture for cradling the chambers as they are tilted; in addition to a loading device for the fork lift to safely transport the load to the containers.  


Solution Benefits

The custom Dual Hinge Tilter and all its features deliver more benefits than the customer’s original expectations.  The tilter, not only has improved the stacking and loading process, but has also saved the customer space within their warehouse – keeping the whole operation within the tilter base frame. This is a prime example of how Autoquip offers new innovative solutions designed specifically to the requirements of a customer’s particular application. 

Click here to view the dual hinge tilter video. 

Published: 10/16/2014
Customer: Infiltrator Systems
Tags: Specialized Custom Equipment , 90 Degree Upender , Lift & Tilt Tables, Tilters & Upenders , Pallet Handling

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