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Explosion Proof Turntable

Tweaking standard turntable design to meet explosion proof requirement.  

The Challenge

With the introduction of a new ammunition production line, our customer was looking for an explosion proof lift system with turntable to integrate with their new production line.  The turntable would be used for powder loading and then munitions moved by intra-plant rail to storage containers within the facility.  The lift needed to be lowered to 8’’ height requirement and hold a capacity of 10K.  Typically, for an application like this one, we would recommend a manual turntable lift system as there are no risks for electrical sparks or oil spills. 

However, due to heavy load demands, a manual turntable with lift would be too cumbersome for the plant workers to bear.  A power driven, explosion proof solution became necessary.   

The Autoquip Solution

We took our standard Series 35 Powered Turntable lift system design and redesigned it to fit the very critical and sensitive nature of this application.  First, we added additional rollers to the turntable to assist with the capacity demands.  Second, we removed the standard power unit from underneath the lift to achieve the lowered height requirement, and then using an air powered unit positioned to the side of the lift prevented the risk for explosions. The air powered unit assists the rotation of the turntable providing the workers with the degree of turn necessary to move the heavy load and position the munitions for transfer to the inter-rail system and off to the storage facility. 

Solution Benefits

With our expansive product line and our multiple design options, we were able to take the customer’s specific application and modify an existing design by adjusting the components on the lift to meet the demands required by the customer to provide a safe work environment whilst still providing them a heavy duty lift and turntable to make the transfer of materials less burdensome. 

Published: 05/21/2013
Tags: Defense/ Military/ Government , Series 35 Powered Turntable , Turn Tables

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