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Fighter Jet Engine Work Platform

Tinker Air Force Base PMXS Production Squadron for the TF-33 required an open area, work platform to access jet engines in multiple positions.

The Challenge

Our dealer, Cisco Eagle brought us a unique opportunity to design a lifting solution for Tinker Air Force Base.  Their assembly shop for the TF-33 required a work cell to be used to safely position workers, parts, tools, and equipment to multiple heights and locations around the engine. The facility layout dictated the lift be self supporting (no structural ties to the building), and there could not be any obstruction above the lift as an overhead crane operated above.  In addition, the engine needed to be accessed from mulitple locations and required a work platform that could be easily opened and closed for loading or removing the engine from the work space.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip utilized a proven vertical-cantilevered lift design that is self-supporting and added a custom oval-shaped platform with lightweight hinged openings for loading or removing the engines from the workspace. These hinged sections are a functional part of the platform allowing access to the engine from many directions and with ease.  Autoquip’s design expertise created an economical solution based on the restrictions of the job site. Before choosing this lift we considered other lift configurations, such as the 4-post freight lift and more standard scissor work platform. However, these options were unable to meet the customer's job site requirements.

Specifications:  Model: FLMC-4 (Mechanical Cantilever Freighlift) Capacity: 3000 lbs Travel: 156" Platform: 126" x 144" Actuation: Mechanical

Solution Benefits

Autoquip was uniquely qualified to provide this customer with a safe, effective, and affordable material lift solution due to a broad product offering that includes VRC’s and high travel scissor lifts,  along with our experience designing and manufacturing custom work platforms. Autoquip takes standard products and modifies these lifts to meet specific customer requirements.

Published: 08/30/2012
Customer: Cisco Eagle
Tags: Defense/ Military/ Government , Custom Lifts , Mechanical Lifts , Custom Work Platform Lifts , Mechanical Cantilever VRC , Work Platform Lifts , Aerospace , Work Platforms , Assembly , Freight Lifts

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