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Fixed Rail-Elevating Work Platform Shuttles and Slides

U.S. Steel required a lift that would improve safety for workers accessing the top of rail cars to load layers of steel pipe and place wooden blocks to support transport.

The Challenge

Design a lift for U.S. Steel that could move along the track 350 feet and maintain a 10" gap between the lift and the rail cars. The lift was required to reach heights up to 14 feet and extend reach out 10 feet from the front for workers to lift and load the rail cars with steel pipe. The workers needed to access the platform base during the process which needed to be no more than 8 feet off the ground.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip engineered and designed a 72" travel Tork Lift on a powered drive base with a variable frequency drive system to allow for smooth operation. A 6 feet shuttle deck was added along with telescoping handrails that would extend out another 4 feet for loading the rail cars. To provide easy access to the lift for the workers, the lift was equipped with a set of stairs and these moved with the unit along the 350 feet of track. The lift also included a captured rail system to keep the wheels on the ground and avoid tipping.

Solution Benefits

The technical sales team at Autoquip met with the customer to understand their every need and provided an innovative solution to ease the process of product transport and insure worker safety during the loading process.


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Published: 08/30/2012
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