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Automobile Transfer Lift

Mechanical 4 Post Freight Lift transfers automobiles to multi-level state-of-the-art storage facility. 

The Challenge

Premiere Auto Storage & Warehousing in St. Louis, Missouri is a state-of-the-art indoor facility offering 650,000 square feet of storage for automobiles, boat’s, RV’s and full service warehousing.  The facility does not currently maximize all the available space due to limited access to the other levels.  They would like a solution for transferring automobiles to the other levels in order to offer more storage space to customers. 


The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip’s 4 Post Mechanical Freight Lift is a solid, stable and safe solution to transfer vehicles between the floors at the auto storage facility, and the vertical design of the lift will not take up a lot of building space. The 4 Post Mechanical Freight Lift was custom designed to handle up to a 7,000 pound capacity and travel distance of 600 inches.  The platform measures 108X300 to accommodate varying sizes of automobiles, boats etc. 

Solution Benefits

  1. Total vertical travel of 600 inches allowing multi-level access to 5 floors.
  2. The vertical design takes up less floor space leaving more room to offer for rental space.
  3. The lift is easy to access and operate with push buttons stations that include an audible safety signal that will beep if gate is left open for a long period of time.   
  4. An approach ramp was included to access the platform since the platform could not be recessed into the floor.
  5. Level push buttons illuminate the landing where the lift is located.  


Order 122134

PN 9FL4M-27486-1

Published: 07/11/2014
Customer: Premiere Auto Storage & Warehousing
Tags: Custom Freight Lift (VRC) , Auto Dealers & Repair Shops , Warehouse/Storage , Freight Lifts , Mechanical 4 Post VRC

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