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Hydraulic Freight Lift Transports Waste Removal Pipe Systems

Hydraulic Freight Lift helps waste removal solutions company transport their pipes and other materials to 3-levels at their design facility. 

The Challenge

TransVac Solutions delivers automated waste, recycling and soiled linen collection and transport systems for hospitals, residential/mixed-use developments and public venues. TransVac is an engineering firm that designs, coordinates and installs waste removal systems that feature a dedicated pipe network to transport dirty material safely from loading stations to a central collection area.

The company was struggling with transporting their systems materials from floor-to-floor at their Denver, Colorado based facility.   Their current method of transporting goods and materials is using forklifts or hand carrying some of the items up three flights of stairs.  The problem with this is that it was becoming extremely labor intensive and time consuming.  Not to mention the risk of worker injury, or the potential for materials to be damaged during the process.  

The Autoquip Solution

TransVac wanted a high-quality lifting solution and they wanted a company that could custom-build the lift to their specifications.  They had first considered a winding drum elevator that uses a cable hoist drive system.  However, after further evaluation they knew a hydraulic freight lift would provide them a more economical alternative and deliver the capacity and speed requirements for the application.  Recognizing that Autoquip offered custom solutions, and because of our proven design history, they selected us to be their lift equipment provider.

Autoquip custom-designed a Freightlite VRC to hold a capacity of 3,000 pounds, travel 121 inches to access the 3 levels.  The FLT Freightlift was built to fit the facilities small foot print, and the platform was custom-built to size (58x59) to handle the various material dimensions.  

Solution Benefits

Autoquip provided a quality, safe and cost effective freight lift that is designed specifically to fit the building space requirements, and to travel to each of the three landings within their facility.   The time involved will be greatly reduced and also eliminate the manual transport of the items. 

Published: 07/22/2014
Tags: Custom Freight Lift (VRC) , Hydraulic Freightlite VRC , Warehouse/Storage , Mezzanine , Freight Lifts

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