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Free Standing Automotive Lift for Beverly Hills Porsche Showroom

Autoquip modifies a freightlift straddle and cantilever design to create a free-standing automotive lift for Porshe dealer. 

The Challenge

Beverly Hills Porsche wanted to add an automotive lift to their all new showroom to transport vehicles to the building’s top-level showroom.  They contacted our dealer, American Customs Lifts for help in identifying a lifting solution to meet the following requirements:

1.  The lift needs to be a self-supporting structure.

  • There is no available pit typical for mounting a 4-Post Car lift design.
  • The lift cannot be attached or secured to the building due to code. 

2.  Transport various size automobiles with varying capacity – up to 7,000 lbs.

3.  The lift needs to fit within a small foot-print located in the dealership’s parking lot.

4.  Keep within the building aesthetics.  

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip manufacturers several automotive lifts including a 4-Post and a scissor lift design, but those options would not meet all the demands required for this application. Therefore, our engineers begin working on a design solution that offered the flexibility to address the multiple requirements of the application.   That solution was to integrate the design of a straddle freight lift (VRC) with a cantilever system -  “straddle-lever” which supports the load guides of the carriage to transport the various capacities being lifted without overstressing the guides, or the platform.  In addition, we custom-built a self-supporting brace with brackets for fastening the mast which allows the car lift to be self-supporting.  The brace also allows the lift to be installed closer to the building keeping the entire structure within a small footprint.


Solution Benefits

  • Self-Supporting Structure.
  • Includes automatic bridge for closing the gap from the lift platform to the buildings entry. 
  • The straddle-cantilever is less intrusive keeping to the building aesthetics.
  • Designed to fit the allowable space reserved for the car lift installation. 

Published: 01/12/2015
Customer: Sold through American Custom Lifts
Tags: Custom Freight Lift (VRC) , Retail , Freight Lifts

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