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Glass Manufacturer Uses Lift To Load Furnace

Leading glass manufacturer uses Autoquip's Super Titan in their manufacturing plant to incorporate into their furnace system for producing glass

The Challenge

Customer required a solution to transfer glass materials from a rolling cart positioned on a dock into their furnace conclaves and needed to do this by bridging a 73" gap. The lift would need to be lowered and raised as the door opened from the furnace. The materials required a smooth transfer with a secure setting while the whole transfer process takes place.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip designed and built the Super Titan to include several options to meet all the customer requirements. The lift was equipped with expansion joint fingers along each edge of the lift and matting fingers to be shipped loose for attaching to dock and conclave area. Autoquip also designed hydraulic actuated support legs wired with lift up & down (2) limit switches to activate indicator lights showing legs up & legs down. Support legs will support platform at operating height of 41". The platform also has angled wheel curbs along each side, so the cart cannot roll off the sides of the lift. The platform also has smooth sides along the side of the platform and 4-way non skid surface for grip when pushing the cart in and out of the conclave.

Solution Benefits

The Super Titan provided a flexible solution for incorporating into their existing process. It allowed for continuous operations in a non-stop production environment meeting the demands of their customers.

Published: 10/03/2012
Tags: Metal Working , Sheet Handling , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES

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