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High Capacity Scissor Lift Handles Tractor Transmissions

Extra Wide Scissor Lift for Large Capacity Loads Improves Safety for Tractor Manufacturer.

The Challenge

A tractor manufacturer uses an overhead chain conveyor to hang large tractor transmissions on the chains to transport into their paint room.  They were using a fork lift to lift the transmissions overhead, then the workers would manually secure the transmissions to the chains. This was presenting a safety concern, so they contacted Autoquip for a better solution.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip designed a high capacity scissor lift with an extra wide platform that will fit into their designated pit area. The lift is rated for 11,000 lbs. capacity with 60” travel.  The platform was built of smooth steel and measures 230” wide x 120” long – extra wide to handle the large transmissions. We installed lifetime lubricated bearings on all axles, rollers, and pivot points for a smooth operation. Press and hold wall mounted controls were supplied, along with 4-sided accordion skirting to keep out debris and for added safety pre-cautions. 

Solution Benefits

The customer is very happy with the equipment. The scissor lift controls the weight of the product being lifted to the overhead crane much safer than using a fork lift. Overall factory safety has improved, as well as speed of productivity. 

Published: 01/11/2016
Tags: Agriculture , High Capacity Lifts , Heavy Equipment Lifts , Series 35 Extra Wide , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES

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