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High Hinge Pet Food Dumper

A customer required a safe and efficient method of raising and dumping waste carts of pet food into a dumpster where access is limited and ceiling height restricts the use of a Fork lift.

The Challenge

Mars Pet Care utilizes roll carts to accumulate scrap and waste pet food at various points throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. Their challenge came when it was time to empty these carts into a dumpster located in an out-of-way section of the building. 1.There is not enough ceiling height to use fork trucks, and the carts were often too heavy even for two employees to dump safely 2.Sometimes the pet food was wet and would not come out of the carts without a lot of “coaxing” 3.Equipment often needs to be moved to be washed down and cleaned Cart that would be wheeled into a dumper.

The Autoquip Solution

The design team at Autoquip created a special High Hinge dumper that would satisfy all customer requirements: floor-level loading to allow easy roll-on of carts, customized retaining system to hold the carts during dumping, high tilting hinge to dump over the fixed height of the existing dumpster, and fork truck pockets built into the base frame of the dumper to accommodate being picked up and moved via fork truck to a wash-down area. The equipment was also equipped with a paint finish and operator controls that could safely and consistently withstand the severe nature of the wash-down process. Customer has been extremely happy with this simple, safe, customized, and cost-effective solution to their waste management challenges. Equipment Specifications: • Platform Size: 30" x 38" with custom cart “retainers” • Tilting Capacity: 1000 lbs. • Lowered Height: 0 .375" • Degree of Tilt 120 deg • Tilt Speed: 14 sec

Solution Benefits

Through the use of this customized dumper, end users have been able to safely and quickly dispose of pet food waste with a minimum of worker interface – freeing workers up to perform more critical process tasks.

Published: 08/30/2012
Tags: Specialized Custom Equipment , High Hinge Dumpers , Wash Down , Bin and Basket , Custom Lifts , Lift & Tilt Tables, Tilters & Upenders , Ergonomics

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