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High Hinge Tilter Keeps the Wheels in Motion

Increasing demand for tires and wheels for the agriculture and construction industries leads Titan Wheel Corporation of Illinois to order more High Hinge Tilters.

The Challenge

Part of the manufacturing process at the plant for Titan Wheels is that of a bin and basket handling application. The process of reaching for material out of the wire basket can be a strenuous one due to the constant strain of reaching and bending. The company needs a solution to ease this task and improve productivity. Previous success of utilizing Autoquip’s High Hinge Tilters for the bin and basket handling application and increase production demand prompted Titan Wheels to place an order for more High Hinge Tilters.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip’s High Hinge Tilter with a low profile and extra wide platform has proven to be an extremely beneficial solution for the company in the past as it offers greater off load flexibility which improves the condition of the task of moving materials out of the wire basket for the workers and in return improves productivity.

Solution Benefits

As demand has grown for Titan Wheels, we are proud to continue to offer them a lifting solution that has exceeded their expectations. The order for additional High Hinge Tilters is now installed and working properly to assist Titan Wheels in their increased daily productivity.

Published: 08/30/2012
Tags: High Hinge Dumpers , Bin and Basket , Agriculture , Lift & Tilt Tables, Tilters & Upenders , Automotive/ Trucking/ Rail , Ergonomics

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