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Mechanical Freight Lift Transfers Stage Equipment and Seating for Riverwind Casino

Mechanical Cantilever Freight Lift Provides Safe and More Efflicient Lifting Method For Casino Operations. 

The Challenge

The Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma hosts several concerts and performances, and to set up for these performances they were manually off-loading stage equipment, receivables and goods from the dock level to the staging area.  In addition, merchandise had to be manually carried up a flight of stairs to an upper-level storage area. The customer needed a safe and more efficient lifting solution for accessing three separate levels. 

The Autoquip Solution

The best choice for this application was to go with a Mechanical Cantilever Freight Lift to fit the space requirement inside the building where the lift would be installed.  Designed with the carriage cantilevered off the guide beams, there is no over-head restriction providing the necessary height to travel to the third level storage area.  The lift is rated for 3,000 pounds and travel of 240 inches meeting the capacity and height to meet the customer’s requirements.

Solution Benefits

This project was brought to Autoquip by Sooner Lift of Oklahoma City.   Through this dealer partnership we were able to provide the customer with a Freight lift which has allowed them to move a lot of equipment safely, quickly, and in less time.   The customer can quickly set up the theatre to handle concerts and seating for the special performances at the casino.

Published: 06/04/2015
Customer: Sooner Lift Material Handling Specialists
Tags: Warehouse/Storage , Mezzanine , Entertainment , Freight Lifts , Mechanical Cantilever VRC

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