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Autoquip's New Dock Lift Replaces Old Failing One

New dock equipment acquisition proves to save money for Minneapolis grocer.

The Challenge

Oxendale’s market, a locally owned grocery store in the Minneapolis area had an old, failing dock lift that needed to be replaced.  The customer had been doing everything possible to keep the existing lift operational until the maintenance cost became rather costly.  Replacing with new equipment would prove to be more cost effective and safer for their operations.

The Autoquip Solution

This project was brought to us by our dealer, Specialists Equipment Company who worked with the customer to determine their needs and expectations for a new dock lift. Their main requirement was to have the new dock lift fit the same foot print within the existing pit as the previous lift.

Autoquip’s PLTC Dock Lifts are fully versatile with a wide range of model configurations that it made it easy to select a standard model to fit the customer’s applications. All we had to do is configure the lowered height on the standard model to a taller design so that it would fit the customer’s specific pit dimensions.  


  • Capacity:  6,000 lbs.
  • Platform:  84 '' Width X 120 '' Length
  • Travel:  60 ''
  • Actuation:  Hydraulic
  • Order #129959, Part #9PLTC-34723-1

Solution Benefits

With our large selection of standard dock lift models and less design complexity, we were able to shorten the lead time for the customer.  We shipped the new lift within 4 weeks of approval and had the customer up and running with a newer and safer dock lift. 

Published: 09/14/2015
Customer: Specialists Equipment Company
Tags: PLTC Dock Lift , Dock Lifts , Retail , Docks

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