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Omni-Directional Wind Generator using Autoquip lifts

Autoquip T1 Scissor Lifts Used In Testing Tool for EPA Emissions Testing of Large Trucks and Buses.

The Challenge

The National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor needed a tool to test large buses and heavy-duty trucks for fuel economy and emissions. They wanted the tool to simulate driving conditions in a real-time setting.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip partnered with Vehicle Technologies Inc. who specializes in the design of Omni-directional vehicles to supply two of our T1 scissors lifts as part of their Omni-Directional Wind Generator. A mobile fan is mounted to fixtures positioned on the lift platforms.  The two lifts are synchronized to raise the fan which will allow for air flow to be directed at the trucks from a variety of distances, angles, and elevations. 

Solution Benefits

With our design and manufacturing flexibility, we were able to work with Vehicle Technologies, Inc. to custom design two scissors lifts to integrate with their Omni-Directional Wind Generator.  This new tool will allow the EPA to test more trucks in shorter timeframes.

Published: 02/10/2016
Tags: Defense/ Military/ Government , Portable , TorkLift , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES

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