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Autoquip’s PLTC Dock Lift Delivers Truck to Door Service

PLTC Dock Lift helps the unloading process to deliver food products and other goods to new correctional facility. 

The Challenge

Since the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, the Plaquemines Parish Detention Center in Louisiana has been in a temporary location.  They are in the process of rebuilding a new facility that will be approximately 60,000 square feet and will hold a maximum of 800 beds. The facility needs a dock lift to help with transferring perishable goods from the truck to loading bay and then inside the facility.



Special Requirements:

  1. Operating fluid had to be eco-friendly
  2. Special handrails
  3. Economical and low maintenance


The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip’s Dock Lift (PLTC-6050) offers the greatest flexibility for the loading and unloading operation.  It is economical, rugged and very easy to maintain.   Since the dock lift will be used to transfer perishable goods from truck to inside the facility, we provided the lift with food-grade oil to operate the hydraulic actuation which will eliminate any potential contamination.  We included aluminum handrails ILO steel to minimizing maintenance instead of supplying standard painted steel which requires upkeep overtime and could be a risk with paint chipping near food products.      

Specifications & Features:

Product Family:  Dock Lift

Model # PLTC – 6050

Capacity:  5,000 lbs.

Platform:  71.5x96

Travel:  60

Actuation:  Elecdraulic 


Solution Benefits

The installation of the dock lift will result in a much quicker and safer unloading of the trucks. It will reduce the amount of time that the perishable product will be exposed to outside elements and help move the product indoors quicker for preparation or storage. 

Published: 10/04/2013
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