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Portable Scissor Lift Cart with One Touch Control System

Custom built Series 35 EXW Scissors Lift Cart built with wheeled transport base and battery operation allows for easy maneuvering to various work stations within plant environment.

The Challenge

The customer Thurston Manufacturing who designs and builds fertilizer injection and tillage equipment came to Autoquip with a special request:  “Make the lift portable and make it easy to operate.”



Specific Requirements:

  1. Portable and battery operated, so that it would not have to be plugged in at different work stations.
  2. Easy to transport and move around to different areas within the plant.
  3. Self- Controls, easy access control system  (one-touch operation)

The Autoquip Solution

The central design principle for developing the lift was a complete mobile application, allowing for transport of the lift from station to station.  Our engineer team started with our standard base model for the Series 35 Extra Wide and then worked to modify the lift by adding mobility features which included wheeled-transport base, one-touch control system, wide handrails and battery powered.  The lift is driven by 2 variable speed DC motors with up to a 3mph speed and each wheel can be controlled independently.  Collectively all these added features supported the main goal of building a lift that was simple to operate and simple to move around.

Specifications & Features:

  • Product Family: Series 35 EXW - Portable
  • Capacity:  8,000 lbs.
  • Platform dimensions:  60x72       
  • Travel:  48”
  • Battery Operated
  • 2 Variable Speed DC Motors
  • Access Control System
  • Wide Handrails
  • Rear Swivel Casters

Solution Benefits

  • By creating a completely portable lift, the lift can be moved with ease to necessary locations for extremely more effective operations.
  • Engineered to order.  The customer had a specific need and with our design expertize and nimble manufacturing, we were able to build to suit and meet the customer's delivery requirement. 

Published: 04/29/2013
Customer: Thurston Manufacturing
Tags: Custom Scissor Lift Tables , Agriculture , Warehouse/Storage , Series 35 Extra Wide , Portable

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