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Vertical Ram Lift for GE Generator Flywheel

Autoquip recommended a custom non-rotating vertical ram lift for building and inspecting generator flywheels.


The Challenge

GE Energy wanted to replace fixed tables they were using to build and inspect their generator flywheels with a more ergonomic lifting solution. 

The Autoquip Solution

Contacted by OSS, LLC Industrial Supplies & Machinery out of Spartanburg, SC to come up with a solution for GE Energy.  Autoquip recommended a custom non-rotating vertical ram lift with round platform for mounting and raising the generator flywheels.


  • 15,000 lbs. capacity
  • 36” lowered height
  • 18” of travel
  • 54” of total raised height
  • 36” diameter smooth steel platform
  • The lift platform has (2) bolted-on removable inner/outer rings made out of UHMW
  • Outer ring is used to center the top plate
  • Inner ring will center base to top plate
  • Non-Rotator tube 


Solution Benefits

Autoquip built the custom vertical ram lifts to meet the needs of the customer’s application while providing a safe ergonomic solution for their employees.  The vertical ram lifts will increase productivity and provide reliability for years to come. 

Published: 03/17/2016
Customer: OSS,LLC
Tags: Vertical Ram Lift - Single Ram , Energy / Oil , Vertical Ram Lifts , Ergonomics

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