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Remember The Titans

30 Years Ago Our Customer Placed An Order for 36 Titan Lifts, 30 Years Later They Replace 17

The Challenge

Our customer, a leading packaged food manufacturer placed an order 30 years ago for 36 Titan Lifts to utilize with their Auto Storage Retrieval System. 30 years later they found themselves in a position to replace 17 of them ending a long and rewarding product life cycle.

The Autoquip Solution

The Titan Lifts have served a leading role in the production of the food manufacturer’s inventory storage system. The lifts are used to in-feed pallets containing packaged food products into the inventory storage facility by raising the pallets up to where a crane picks and places them into the inventory storage system. Once restocking is demanded, the crane then retrieves the pallets and puts back onto the lift and is lowered onto the conveyor system for out-feed shipping.

Solution Benefits

This is a product life cycle success story at its best. Autoquip’s Titan Scissor Lifts are made with the most durable and quality materials which provide long-lasting performance and long-life cycles. 30 years can go by before you remember to replace the Titan Lifts.

Published: 10/03/2012
Tags: Titan Scissor Lift Table , Warehouse/Storage , Food & Pharmaceutical , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES , Conveyor

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