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Scrap Metal Dumper "Drives" Efficiency

Scrap metal collecting/dumping bin that traveled along a fixed track via powered traversing wheels to service multiple sheet metal shearing machines - to catch sheared "drop" (scrap) and transport to recycling area for dumping.

The Challenge

Worthington Industries approached Autoquip needing a specialized solution to efficiently and safely transport drop/scrap material between multiple shearing stations and a dumping station with limited floor space and limited human intervention. The current method of utilizing the shear operator to locate and use a fork truck to move scrap was inefficient, with poor ergonomics of manually handling scrap causing worker injuries and contributing to an excessive number of fork truck accidents.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip met with the customer to review potential transportation and dumping solutions, then ultimately recommended and developed a 90-degree hydraulic dumper mounted to a transport base with a gear motor drive guided by fixed tracks mounted to the floor. The dumper is equipped with a sloped bottom to ensure that all scrap slides out of the dumper easily, without requiring a person to assist in material removal. The motorized dumper travels between the shearing stations and the dumping area without increasing fork truck traffic or requiring employees to manually load or unload the dumping bin. This solution provided the simplest and most dependable solution for the application. The industrial engineer is completely satisfied with a dumper that was customized to adapt to the constraints of the job site and the limited accessibility into the shear area. The shear operators do not have to leave their stations and overall workplace safety has been improved. Lift Specifications for this Unique Application: Tilting Capacity: 1,800 lbs. Degree of Tilt: 90 degrees Tilting Speed: 26 seconds Traversing Speed: 36 FPM

Solution Benefits

Increased operator efficiency, decreased fork truck traffic (and related accidents), and decreased exposure of employees to unsafe and un-ergonomic manual material handling tasks.

Published: 08/30/2012
Tags: Series 35 Tilters , Custom Lifts , Metal Working , Lift & Tilt Tables, Tilters & Upenders , Warehouse/Storage , Sheet Handling , Portable , Ergonomics

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