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Series 35 Quad Long Assists Tractor Loading

Series 35 Quad Long becomes part of the loading and shipping process for major tractor manufacturer.

The Challenge

Loading up tractors for shipping out to dealers can be a huge and challenging task when your finished goods are oversized and don’t fit on a standard flatbed trailer.  If you are one of the largest tractor manufacturers, you want to ensure your shipments are loaded properly, meet all transportation regulations and arrive damaged free.

Our customer challenged us to design a lifting solution that would make it easier to load the tractors onto the trailer bed, fit within the existing dock configurations, and manage for tractors tires that hang over the sides of the trailer bed. 

The Autoquip Solution

Our process analysis for selecting the right lifting solution for our customer begins by addressing the following:

Step 1: Identify the dimensions of the dock and pit space requirements

Step 2: Identify customer requirements for load, travel and safety

Step 3: Identify the customer’s project budget and provide a cost effective and viable solution

Step 4: Review our complete product line of scissor lifts to determine and identify which lift meets all project requirements before making final recommendation

Through this process of analysis, our recommendation for two Series 35 Quad Long lifts (one for each side of trailer) was determined.  With our advanced engineering team, we were able to develop the Quad lift utilizing some of our existing technology and innovative processes.  The Quad Long lift is designed to handle longer, heavier loads that can be transferred over the sides of the lift. The Quad Long with its narrow platform and exceptionally narrow leg stance allows the lift to perform the application in the narrow confines of the pit.  If the tractor tires need to be removed for transport, the lifts can be lowered to make the task of removing the tires quick and efficient.   Each Quad Long scissor lift offers four sets of scissors mechanisms which can handle the heavy equipment load with ease and provides load stability.

Specifications include:

15,000 lbs. capacity for each lift

32” x 504” platform of each lift

Accordion Skirt – one side orientation on each lift; open side to pit area

Solid rigid steel bolt on skirts – on each lift end and dock

Solution Benefits

The customer feedback has been very positive and the lift investment is paying off as planned.  The results have improved loading time and overall shipping process giving the customer an added assurance that the equipment is set to transport properly and will arrive to the dealer without incident.  

Published: 01/07/2013
Customer: Barron Equipment
Tags: Agriculture , Custom Lifts , Heavy Equipment Lifts , Docks , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES

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