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Series 35 Scissor Lift Mounts to Automatic Guided Vehicle for Seeding Process

Series 35 scissor lift integrates with automated guide vehicle turning a manual assembly process into an automated one. 

The Challenge

Innovative Fluid Power - manufacturer of mobile and industrial motion control products contacted Autoquip seeking a lifting product to integrate with an automatic guided vehicle they were developing for one of their agricultural customers.  The lift will be used within the customer’s factory as part of their assembly process of seeding equipment.  

The customer had used a low cost lift in the past and had encountered mechanical problems and leaky cylinders.  The expectations were high to deliver a quality, medium-cycle lift that would not leak, and one that would fit within the design requirements of the automated guide vehicle.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip presented a Series 35 Scissor Lift - Model #24S35 which is a proven, economical lift product with high quality components. The lift is rated for 2,500 pound capacity, 24 inches of travel and equipped with a 24VDC Power Unit for mobile transport which will perfectly integrate with the automated guided vehicle.  We also added accordion skirting to keep the scissor mechanisms including the cylinders protected from debris which will provide longer life and reliability.  

Solution Benefits

The customer has been experiencing such great success with the scissor lift as part of their automatic guided vehicle assembly process, they have plans to order 13 more units in an effort to move away from a manual process to a completely automated one. 

Published: 06/10/2015
Customer: 128762
Tags: Agriculture , Series 35 , Portable , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES , Assembly

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