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Sidewalk Lift for Basement Access

Customer needed to replace a condemned sidewalk service lift with an updated material lift in order to move furniture and material from the sidewalk at grade level outside building to basement level inside the building.

The Challenge

Oklahoma State University was renovating an older dormitory and converting the basement space into a maintenance & furniture storage area. The lift had to meet all current, applicable equipment safety and building code requirements and also needed to accommodate the site restrictions given by the architect: 1.) must fit the existing sidewalk opening, 2.) must activate the existing “bilco” style sidewalk doors, and 3.) must prevent inadvertent contact with, or operation by, the general public.

The Autoquip Solution

Upon review of the application, the Autoquip technical salesperson narrowed the potential lifting solutions down to three possibilities: 1) vertical ram lift, 2) double pantograph lift, and 3) double-high/stacked lift. Due to budget constraints which prevented further excavation required for the ram lift, and because of the small platform size required to fit inside the existing pit area, Autoquip recommended and developed double-high, stacked scissors lift design with a custom platform. This solution provided the highest travel with the smallest footprint. The solution also included the customer-requested security features. Autoquip manufactured a 96" high security enclosure around the lift and provided interlocked swing doors at both upper and lower levels which could not be opened unless the lift was stopped at that level. Finally, a key-operated pushbutton station was installed that prevented operation of the lift by the general public and other unauthorized users. The customer is completely satisfied with a state-of-the-art material lift that was able to be installed within an existing sidewalk and shaft opening. All security measures have proven successful, and material is being transported between ground level and basement level safely and regularly. Lift Specifications for this Unique Application: • Model: 48S25EXW-DH • Capacity: 2,000 lbs • Travel: 94" • Platform: 48" x 64" • Actuation: Hydraulic

Solution Benefits

Autoquip was uniquely qualified to provide this customer with a safe, effective, and affordable material lift solution due to a broad product offering that includes stacked scissors designs, customized platform attachments, and multiple security enclosure/gate configurations.

Published: 08/30/2012
Tags: Logistics , Hydraulic Lifts , High Travel Lifts , Custom Lifts , Warehouse/Storage , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES

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