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Solar Mirror Assembly Lift with Fixture Clamps

Solar electric generation facility with high volume requirements looks to load and unload fragile mirror pallets.

The Challenge

A solar electric generation facility with high volume requirements needed a solution to move fragile mirror pallets from a forklift onto a conveyor system with precise and consistent alignment. The facility moves 500 mirrors a day up to 15,000 lbs.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip recommended a high capacity scissor lift with a custom design fixture clamp on the lift platform for positioning and locking the pallets in place. The forklift operator will be able to load the pallet onto the platform and with a remote operation the fixture clamp will align and lock the mirror pallets in place and then traverse the load onto the conveyor system.

Solution Benefits

It’s all in the customization. Taking a standard scissor lift and with the expertise of Autoquip’s technical staff, designing and engineering a customized fixture clamp to the platform to meet the fragile material requirements and to make the high volume operations of our solar electricity customer more smooth and productive.

Published: 08/30/2012
Tags: Energy / Oil , Custom Lifts , Pallet Handling , Precision Positioning , Conveyor , Series 35 , Assembly , High Capacity Lifts

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