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Stage Lift for Florida Night Club: Some Assembly Required

Built in sections, this unique stage lift was custom designed to take center stage on the dance floor for a new night club in Florida.   

The Challenge

The architectural plans for a new night club being built in Florida included a stage lift that would raise dancers up to the center of the dance floor.   Autoquip was brought on board to design the stage lift with the following requirements:


  1. Design a lift with a round platform to fit in preexisting pit.
  2. Cut out hole in center of platform for a dance pole.
  3. Travel from pit 36” to staging area.
  4. Ship disassembled in order to fit within door openings at the club.

The Autoquip Solution

The complete lift design was built in two sections to meet the customer’s request to fit through the club doors.  Autoquip designed a lift using two hydraulic scissor lift tables that share a common platform which is spliced for shipment, and bolts together at installation.  The bases are also bolted together.  The 132” round platform was constructed in two halves with tapped out holes for connecting together on site.  The perimeter of the platform is guarded with rigid steel skirting which will bolt to the platform edge.  We also pre-drilled a 4” deep socket to the platform to accommodate the dance pole that is centered on the platform.  The lift was painted all black before shipping to the night club.

Lift Specifications:

  • Product Family:  Series 35 Double Wide
  • Model #:  60S25DW
  • Capacity:  4580 lbs.
  • Platform:  132” diameter with rigid steel skirting
  • Travel:  36”
  • Speed:  25 seconds up/ 25 seconds down (loaded)
  • Actuation:  Hydraulic
  • Paint:  AQ Black

Solution Benefits

This innovative lift solution centered around on site assembly met all the customer’s requirements and will provide a safe and reliable stage lift system for this new Florida entertainment venue. 

Published: 12/02/2013
Tags: Specialized Custom Equipment , Series 35 Double Wide , Custom Lifts , Entertainment

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