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T3 Torklift Works To Disassemble A Former Nuclear Site

Autoquip’s custom designed T3 with custom transport base with a tow hitch works to disassemble structures at a former nuclear site.

The Challenge

Zion Solutions, an energy solutions company specializing in the disposal of nuclear material required a lift that could be used to support a 25,000lb load at 18 feet in the air and access areas that a fork lift could not.

The Autoquip Solution

A custom designed T3 includes a transport base with a tow hitch (self-contained DC power tug capable of towing 50,000 pounds), visible pressure gauge and onboard power unit. The workers will attach the powered tug to the receiver on the lift and then position the lift under the structure. The workers will then raise the lift to support the structure while it is being disassembled. They will then lower the material to the ground and tow the lift to the unloading zone for the careful removal of the nuclear remnants.

Solution Benefits

Autoquip’s specialization in custom features to meet the application requirements provided the customer with the most reliable and durable lift to assist in accomplishing the dissembling task.

Published: 08/30/2012
Customer: Zion Solutions
Tags: Custom Scissor Lift Tables , Hazardous Environment , Hydraulic Lifts , High Travel Lifts , TorkLift T3 Triple Pantograph

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