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Tilt & Turn Scissor Lift on Powered Transport Base

Tilt & Turn Scissor Lift on transport base performs multiple tasks and functions for P&G fabric softner production. 

The Challenge

P&G wanted to improve their process for feeding rolls of paper into their processing machine for their fabric softener production. They needed a solution that could retrieve 3 rolls of paper at a time and feed correctly into the machine for final processing. 

The Autoquip Solution

In order to properly improve the process and retrieve the rolls to feed correctly into the processing machine, the lift system required multiple functions to perform the task.  Autoquip engineers designed a Tork 1 scissors lift with powered transport base and shuttle deck along with tilter and turntable.  This transport base and shuttle allows the lift to position and line up to the machine properly.  The turntable and tilt adjusts so the rolls of paper can roll off and feed into the machine for final processing.  This lift is built with automatic or manual operation. Safety lights flash when lift is in operation.  

Solution Benefits

The complete lift system was designed to perform multiple tasks and functions based on the application requirements. The lift system can easily transfer the rolls from the work station to the processing machine with exact positioning and accuracy. 

Published: 07/17/2017
Tags: TorkLift , TiltLift , Lift & Tilt Tables, Tilters & Upenders , Series 35 Powered Turntable , Turn Tables , Printing & Paper , Precision Positioning , Sheet Handling

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