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Tork 3 Lifts Stage Props 23 ft. for Lyric Opera of Chicago

Autoquip recommends T3 for Lyric Opera of Chicago to move stage props to 23 feet in 20 Seconds. Customized with high-flow power unit and soft start/stop control valves. 

The Challenge

Lyric Opera of Chicago is a non-profit founded in 1954 which produces and performs world-class opera. They were faced with three challenges when looking for a way to improve how they moved stage props from basement level to stage area which is 23 ft. above. 



  1. What would be the best method for lifting stage props 23 ft. above and fit within their existing space which is between pillars? 
  2. Their existing equipment was starting to age and becoming too slow. Timing is critical during performances to move props quickly.
  3. They were faced with budget constraints since this project was being funded with city grants. 

The Autoquip Solution

Typically, with an application like this one, Autoquip would look at a freight lift first because it’s designed to move high-capacity materials between levels.  However, in this case the customer could not have the overhead structure of a 2 or 4 post freight lift blocking the access to stage level.  Rather, Autoquip recommended the Tork 3 to fit the customer’s space and structure restrictions.  The Tork 3 is built with three sets of vertically stacked scissors that are pinned directly together, stabilized, and raised simultaneously by common hydraulic cylinders.  This lift equipment was custom built to specification and included a capacity for up to 4,000 pounds and travel up to 250”.  The platform was built to 48”x120” to fit within the pillar width. Autoquip provided a high-flow power unit to raise the lift 250” in 20 seconds.  A soft start and stop feature was also added to the lift, so that the load would not be jarred as it started to raise or lower.

Specifications & Features:

Product:  Tork Lift T3

Model #: T3-250-040

Capacity: 4,000

Platform: 48x120

Travel: 250

Actuation: Hydraulic

Power Unit:  40HP, 25 Gallon Per minute

Special Hydraulic Control Valves for Soft Start/Stop


Solution Benefits

By working with the customer to understand the application demands and site requirement, Autoquip was able to provide a custom solution that solved for all three challenges.

  1. The T3 is a much faster and safer lifting method which will move the stage props to stage level within 20 seconds.
  2. The T3 is priced economically which met the funding requirements of the city grant.
  3. The T3 is custom built to spec which will fit the existing structural space and travel distance to stage level. 

Check out our latest video on this project to see the lift behind the scenes at the opera house and other Tork 3 projects.


Published: 09/11/2013
Tags: Custom Scissor Lift Tables , High Capacity Lifts , Custom Lifts , TorkLift T3 Triple Pantograph , Entertainment

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