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Tork Lift Put Through Harsh Conditions

Autoquip's custom designed Tork Lift was built to withstand extremely harsh conditions and loads in Alaska for an oil rig operation and proves successful to weather the storm.

The Challenge

Design a lift that will work in -40 degree C weather and lift 15,000 lbs worth of pipe casing to the holding bay area then have the lift roll the pipe off to a holding area. The lift also needed to serve the purpose of lifting used pipe from the same holding area and tilt the pipe onto a fork lift to be removed.

The Autoquip Solution

A customized T2 Tork Lift with a high end load rating to accomodate the pipe being rolled over the end. Since the pipes are 50 feet long we had to sync two lifts that will raise each end of the pipe equally. Keeping the lifts level as they rise was also critical so we incorporated PLC controlled flow valves that vary the flow based off vertical measurement transducers. We also incorporated a 48" shuttle into the platform to span the gap between the trailer and loading bay. The platform included retractable pipe stoppers, one on each end to keep the pipe on the lift until it is ready to be removed. Since the customer supplied their own power unit all the valves are mounted in a single location so the customer only had to hook up two hoses to run both lifts. Spec details include: Model# T2-120-200, 15,000lb capacity, Platform (60x196), Travel 100", Hydraulic.

Solution Benefits

Autoquip having the extensive custom lift design experience and knowledge was able to meet the demands of a highly demanding application in a highly demanding environment.

Published: 08/30/2012
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