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Transporting Coffee Mill Roll

Autoquip’s Freight Lift transports mill roll for repairs and maintenance in Folgers roasting plant

The Challenge

The Folgers specialty plant required a lift that could travel 133 ft. with a capacity of 10,000lbs to transport mill roll and parts from one level to another from their 8-story manufacturing plant.

The Autoquip Solution

Autoquip provided the solution of equipping the Folgers plant with a FL4M-10 Mechanical Freight Lift which is built to handle heavy duty loads and repeatable stopping and holding during loading and unloading. This lift also met the foot print requirements of the area it would occupy which improves the use of the vertical building space. The 4-post design enhances stability and safety. Specifications include: 96"X142" platform, CF front-load pattern, 133 ft. travel, and through-floor application. Gates and enclosures were also provided by Autoquip for each level improving personnel safety.

Solution Benefits

The FL4M-10 is the perfect solution to transport mill rolls and parts between floors which assists Folgers in their day to day maintenance of insuring the equipment is at peak performance and increases the manufacturing efficiencies for their coffee products

Published: 08/30/2012
Customer: Customer: Folgers Dealer: Block-Dickson
Tags: Mechanical Lifts , Warehouse/Storage , Mezzanine , Food & Pharmaceutical , Mechanical 4 Post VRC

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