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(2) Scissors Lifts Integrate with Vehicle Turntable

(2) Scissors Lifts integrate with custom turntable to lift vehicles in center for photography shoots.

The Challenge

Turntableworx designs and fabricates unique turntables for parking garages, residences, auto dealers, museums, and displays.  They were looking for a lifting solution to nest inside a turntable for one of their latest projects.  The lift would work to raise a smaller platform within the center of the turntable that holds vehicles for photography shoots. They contacted Autoquip for a lift solution to meet the following project requirements:

  • 6.5 inch lowered height 
  • Small platform and base frame size 
  • 36 inch travel 
  • Tight budget

The Autoquip Solution

To meet all the requirements and meet the customer’s deadline, we selected (2) scissors lifts from our 36S40 Series 35 model.  The lifts met the criteria for the installation space, and we were able to produce them in a rather short timeframe.

Solution Benefits

The (2) scissors lifts easily integrated with the turntable, and we were able to manufacturer in a relative short time frame to meet the customer’s deadlines; and within their budget requirements.

Checkout Turntableworx shop test video to see the turntable and lifts perform:

Published: 04/28/2017
Customer: Turntableworx
Tags: Auto Dealers & Repair Shops , Entertainment , Precision Positioning , Series 35 , AUTOQUIP SCISSOR LIFT TABLES

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