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XLR Zero - Ground-level Loading Dock

XLR Zero loading dock offers ground level access for loading operations.

The Challenge

A cafeteria at a college campus was looking for a dock lift to move a refuse cart and food products delivered from their vendors up to a storage area.  The lift would be installed at ground level within a small foot print and mounting space was at premium.  The lift did not require a pit for installation.

The Autoquip Solution

Due to the small foot print and ground level requirements, Autoquip recommended our XLR Zero low lift with 2,000 lb. capacity and travel of 40”. The lift features a remote power unit with low temperature oil as it is exposed to the elements.  Also, includes our throw over bridge on the back side to span a gap on the backside of the lift to the second level. Another feature is a keyed lock out for the control pendant to prohibit unauthorized usage since the lift is located in a public parking garage. The lift is fitted with accordion skirting on each side to prevent debris from accumulating in the leg sets. We added handrails with safety chains on each end so the operator could ride up on the lift to the second level safely. 

Solution Benefits

The XLR provides a great solution with its unique dock lift design for ground level access.  The lift is easy to operate and transition loads from ground level to platform level.  Accessible reach over for unloading of materials. 

Published: 06/08/2017
Tags: XLR Hydraulic , Docks , Food & Pharmaceutical

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