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Personnel Work Platform Lift for Billet Casting System Application

This video demonstrates our custom built personnel work platform lift for billet casting application. We demonstrate the track mounted lift for forward and reverse mobility. Push button control for up & down lifting. This highly-functional lift will help access the mold casting equipment more efficiently and safely.
High Capacity Scissor Lift for Gas Turbine Engines

This video demonstrates the custom features of our Tork Scissor Lift designed for a manufacturer of gas turbine engines. The customer will use the scissor lift to move and transfer gas turbine engines weighing 50,000 lbs. each. The custom features include fixtures to hold the engines, shuttling platform, guide rails, and vertical cylinders with rod locks & 8" stroke. Read our case study to learn more about this project.
Autoquip's Tork Lift with Special Options

Autoquip Tork Lift designed with special options. Options allow for manual operation for precise positioning and include: spoke hand wheels, manual hand pump, four outriggers, turn buckles and tow bar. 8,800 lb capacity/60" travel.
Autoquip Traverse Lift & Shuttle Work Platform Lift

Autoquip engineered and designed a 72" travel Tork Lift on a powered drive base with a variable frequency drive system to all for smooth operation. A 6 ft. shuttle deck was added along with telescoping handrails that would extend out another 4ft. for loading rail cars with steel pipe. The lift was equipped with a set of stairs that moved with the unit along the 350 feet of track.
Aerospace Work Platform Lift with Mechanical Shuttle Deck

This video demonstrates the operation of our custom work platform designed for close inspection of aircraft parts. The work platform is equipped with a touchscreen interface, mechanical shuttle decks with 30" travel, dual rigid chain drives with automated synchronization for stable lifting and ultrasonic sensors on lead edge for part detection or interference. Model #: T1-60-040SCL. Industry: Aerospace. Application: Work Platform
Custom High Capacity Scissor Lift for Gas Turbine Engines

This video demonstrates the Tork 1 Scissor Lift custom designed for a gas turbine engine manufacturer who will be using the lift to replace the engines to the power generators. The lift is designed with a 50,000 weight capacity, 8" stroke, custom fixtures, platform shuttle and guide rails.
Mechanical Scissors Lift Table - Tork 1

Custom designed Tork Scissors Lift with mechanical actuation. Featuring ball deck transfer and accordion skirting to protect the mechanical components. CE certified.
Autoquip's Tork 1 Scissors Lift with Omni-Directional Drive

Demonstrating the omni-directional drive mobility feature of our custom-built Tork Scissors lift. Moves, Rotates and Lifts.
Cart Scissor Lift for Pharmaceutical Application

Specialized Cart Lift - T1 is created for a pharmaceutical application. Because the cart lift is going to be used for a food grade environment, we built the lift platform of stainless steel and applied a special cold galvanized paint. The power unit is encased in a stainless steel cover with (2) push button stations on each side. The base of the lift includes swivel casters for ease of mobility. Capacity: 2,200 lbs. Travel: 24"
Work Platform Lift with (2) Synchronized Sections

Our custom work platform with (2) synchronized sections operate with HMI programmed controls to synchronize both sections together or to operate as one big platform. Custom features include shuttle decks, spring assisted folding handrails, and rigid chain drives. Application for aerospace part access lift.
Autoquip Scissors Lift with Shuttle Deck for Coil Handling Application

Autoquip's custom built heavy-duty scissors lift that holds 40,000 pounds in weight capacity with shuttle deck that shuttles 3" to 4" out for coil handling application.

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