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Autoquip's Compact Lift can be customized to include accessory options to best suit your specific application.  Whether you need to modify the lift to include high cycle duty or add a hand operated up/down control, Autoquip can do it.   

We have the largest selection of options in the industry and if you don't find it here, contact one of our experienced sales managers for help in finding the right option for your project requirement.


Larger Platform Sizes (refer to model specifications for minimum-maximum allowable sizes)

Handrails -- removable & permanent

Accordion Skirts -- standard & special configurations

Four-way Non Skid Tread Plate

Smooth Plate -- in place of non-skid

Bevel Toe Guard

Electric Toe Guards or Photoeye Toe Indicator

Stainless Steel Platform -- in lieu of carbon steel

Stainless Steel Skin -- bolted to platform

Conveyor -- gravity or powered, supplied and mounted

"V" Deck

Lifting Eyes -- eye bolts not included

Power Unit Options

Connection Hose

Cover for Remote Power Unit

Super Torque 3/4 HP Single Phase Power Unit (internal)

Hydraulic Hose Quick Disconnect

Remote Air Operated Power Unit -- includes hand valve, lubricator and 5' hose

Hand Operated Up/Down Control

Foot Operated Up/Down Air Valve

Water Glycol -- non-flammable oil with viton seals in lift cylinders

Food Grade Oil

Biodegradable Oil

Manual Valve to Shoot Off Pressure Line (remote power units only)

1HP Pump Unit

Three Phase for 5HP or 1HP Pump Units

1.5HP 3 Phase Pump Unit

3HP 3 Phase Pump Unit (intermittent)

3HP 3 Phase Pump Unit (heavy duty)

5HP 3 Phase Pump Unit (heavy duty)

Air Powered Hydraulic Pump (5HP and 1HP only)

Continuous Running Pump Unit (5HP, 1HP, 1.5HP)

Continuous Running Pump Unit (3HP and 5HP)

External Pump Unit

Teledyne Hand Pump

Washdown (NEMA 4) Pump Unit

No Power Unit & No Controls

Electrical Options

Guarded Up/Down Foot Switch -- rated for NEMA 1 or NEMA 4

Upper/Lower Travel Limit Switch -- shipped loose

Upper/Lower Travel Limit Switch -- mounted and wired

Key Operated On/Off Security Lockout Switch (NEMA-12)

N-12 Enclosure -- mounted and prewired to power unit (110V & 24V control)

Key Operated Up/Down Switch (NEMA-12)

Upper/Lower Travel Limit Switch -- mounted not wired

115 Volt AC Down Solenoid Coil -- mounted only (controls not supplied)

24 Volt DC Down Solenoid Coil -- mounted only (controls not supplied)

Magnetic Push Button Station

Up/Down Push Button Station -- wall mounted (NEMA 4)

Up/Down Push Button Station -- pedestal mounted (NEMA 4)

Hook for Pushbutton

Weatherproof Push Button -- 20' coil cord

Audible Signal -- shipped loose

Audible Signal with Volume Adjust -- shipped loose

Prewired Audible Signal -- standard or adjustable (mounted in main control enclosure)

Flashing Red Light -- shipped loose

115 Volt Controls -- mounted & prewired (in lieu of standard 24 VAC)

No Controls

Baseframe Accessories

Portablilty Set -- includes (2) wheels (end or side mounted), lifting tongue & dolly handle

Fixed Wheel Transport Base -- available for track mounted lift with pocket mounted "V" or flanged 5" steel wheels

Caster Type Transport Base -- moves a loaded lift with maximum capacity 6,000 lbs

Floor Lock -- foot activated (mounted to baseframe)

Locking Swivel Casters -- must have caster transport option

Casters with Brake -- set of two, must have transport option

Steel Wheels -- 2 fixed/2 swivel, dolly handle, clevis and pin

Phenolic Surface Wheels

Anchor Clips

Built Up Baseframe -- to achieve specified lowered height up to 24" in addition to full standard travel

Fork Truck Pockets -- two sides of base frame

Fork Truck Pockets - all sides of base frame

Gates & Enclosures

Single Swing Gates

Biparting Swing Gates

Single Panel Vertical Acting Gates

Bi Panel Vertical Acting Gates

Horizontal Sliding Gates

Panels (standard 96" high)


Paint Options

Standard Autoquip Colors:  Black (RAL 9005), Brown (RAL 8028), Machinery Grey (RAL 7005), Blue (RAL 5000).

Standard Colors - no additional cost. 

Refer to standard RAL paint # colors chart

Special Paint Options:

Match Color -- customer's color can be matched with paint chip/RAL paint #, or with an Autoquip equivalent paint.  

Safety Colors include: Orange (RAL 2009) or Yellow (RAL 1023).  

Additional cost associated for these special paint options. 

Refer to standard RAL paint # colors chart.

Epoxy Paint -- customer's color can be matched with paint chip/RAL paint #, or with an Autoquip equivalent paint (2 part epoxy, sand blasting of unit recommended)

Steel-it -- stainless steel filled urethane primer and finish coating (MCU type IV for incidental food contact)

Primer Only

Tile Clad Epoxy -- sand blasting of unit required

Powder Coating (up to 60" travel)

With the largest selection of lifts, Autoquip can provide you with the lift you need. To request a quotation please click here.

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